Elaine Wrenn

Assistant Head of School: Director of Curriculum, Technology & Innovation
Echo Horizon School, Culver City, CA

Elaine works with teachers and kids to give them the tools and the freedom to develop into enthusiastic lifelong learners. She began her teaching career as a Demonstration Teacher at the Lab School at UCLA and came to Echo Horizon in 1993 with a vision of supporting all teachers in integrating technology into curriculum. She first adopted mobile computing in 1998 and immediately saw its potential for transforming learning, moving to a 1:1 model beginning in 2003. Her school’s Inquiry & Innovation Time program gives all students experience using design thinking and resources in flexible learning spaces (i.e Makerspace, Art Room, Performing Arts & Culinary Spaces) to pursue their passions while making a difference for others. As an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher, she truly enjoys the opportunity to share and learn with educators from around the world.

Everyone Can Code

Skill: Beginner

Audience: Principals, Instructional Leaders, Admins, Teachers Grades K-12

Learn about Everyone Can Code, a program designed to give everyone the power to learn, write, and teach code with Swift. You’ll hear about Swift Playgrounds—a free iPad app for first-time coders with fun and interactive lessons—and explore the accompanying teacher guides. You’ll also find out about App Development with Swift, a curriculum for high school and college on Mac that shows students how to create apps from start to finish.

Documenting Design Thinking within Maker Learning

Skill: Beginner

Audience: Principals, Instructional Leaders, Admins, Teachers Grades K-8

 Develop an understanding of how design thinking can promote a meaningful maker learning approach in pre-K through eighth grade as you use a range of apps that support and document this creative problem-solving process.