Armando Carvalho

Armando has taught at a few different schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles but is currently the Junior High Department Chair and seventh grade teacher at St. Joseph’s School in Hawthorne. He is a graduate of PLACE Corps, the Technology Integration Specialist Certificate program at LMU, and is currently finishing a second Master’s in Catholic School Administration. When not teaching or doing homework, Armando can be found earning additional credentials.

Making STAR Data Actionable: STAR Warmups

Skill Level:  Advanced

Audience:  Teachers Grades 3-8, School Administrators, Instructional Leaders

In this workshop participants examine how to use STAR data to change instruction. By using skills identified by STAR Reading, participants learn how to use sample STAR questions aligned to identified needs as a warm-up activity for their classrooms. First, participants will learn how to find skills identified by STAR as needing to be reviewed. Then participants will learn how to find sample STAR questions in STAR’s core learning progression tool. Lastly, participants learn how to use these sample STAR questions as a warm up activity in their classrooms. Participants should come with their login information for STAR.