Brigitte Corbell

Brigitte Corbell is entering her senior year at Marymount High School where she co-founded and is co-president of Girls Who Code, an organization formed to increase the participation of women in computing jobs. She started introductory coding her freshman year and after her sophomore year Brigitte ran two one-week camps for 4th -8th graders at St. Joseph’s School and Transfiguration School where she provided introductory coding using, which provides an online curriculum which at the time cost $10 per year per child. That same summer, Brigitte attended a two-week program titled Technology, Innovation and Engineering at Yale University. This past summer, she interned at a technology company called Prodege for five weeks. While she interned, Brigitte created an automated testing code to verify the new features that would be included in upcoming software releases in order to make sure they are functioning properly. Brigitte feels passionate about spreading her knowledge of coding and being the mentor to children, specifically girls, who may not have the resources or exposure to position themselves to land jobs in the technology sector. Her main goal is to provide boys and girls an introduction to coding to provide a springboard into higher education or a profession in technology. Further, Brigitte would like to show girls that they can in fact code and have a successful career in technology. Brigitte has demonstrated that with limited training, a school can provide an introductory coding curriculum to a wide spectrum of students at a manageable cost. Brigitte believes that many students can find a path into the technology field and that in particular, she can provide an example for girls who might not otherwise pursue an education or career in technology. Brigitte’s email is

Coding for Kids, Presented by Marymount High School Student

Skill Level:  All

Audience:  Principals, Admins, Teachers K-8

Workshop description is forthcoming