Charlotte McCorquodale, PhD

Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, she currently resides in New Orleans, LA. Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale completed her Masters degree in religious education (MRE) from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas in 1988 and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) from the School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale, currently from New Orleans, LA has served the church for three decades serving in parish, school, diocesan, and university ministry settings.  Since May of 2000, she has served as President of Ministry Training Source (MTS). MTS is a non-profit organization committed to the formation of ministry leaders by providing customized ministry formation solutions using the latest research, technology, and instructional design. Presently, Dr. McCorquodale is an international educator, researcher, and consultant for the fields of lay ecclesial ministry, certification standards and processes, youth ministry, online and e-learning. From 2013-15, she served as a consultant for the C3 Cluster Parish Project in the San Fernando Pastoral Region.

You Can Call Us????  Understanding the Up and Coming Post-Millennial Generation 

Skill Level: Beginner

Audience:  Parish Administrators, Catechists, Teachers Grades 9-12

For years all of the talk has been about the millennial generation, but in our families, classrooms, and churches, another generation of young people are growing up and graduating, that are very different from the Millennials. What will the impact of GenZ, iGen, the Plurals, Digitals, or NetGen be? Regardless of what you call them each of the proposed names shed a light on how we are coming to understand this new generation. This workshop will share what we know about them, what we don’t yet know, and the implications for those who parent, teach, and minister to them. We will explore how this generation of digital natives approaches the world and the implications of that for engaging them in matters of faith.

Best Practices for Using Digital Images and Video in Sharing Faith   

Skill Level: Beginner

Audience:  Parish Administrators, Catechists, Teachers Grades 6-12

Today our lives are bombarded with images and videos on TVs, computers, and our mobile devices. How many times have you heard someone say I am a visual learner? Are we all visual learners in this digital age? This workshop will explore the role images and video have in learning today, as well as provide tips for how we create, curate, and utilize images and videos in sharing faith with all generations of Catholics.