Doris Flores

Doris Flores is a proud member of the San Miguel Catholic School family. She currently teaches fourth grade and has worked at the primary and junior high levels in previous positions. Doris recently received certification as a Technology Integration Specialist from the iDEAL Institute at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, and has been eager to share strategies and tech tools she has learned during her coursework. Doris strongly believes in “progress, not perfection” and seeks to help others gain a new understanding of this motto through technology.

Technology for NonTechies 2.0 (Presenting with Zoe Bader)

Skill Level: Below Basic/Beginner

Audience:  Teachers Grades K-12 

Teaching the participants about free or low-cost technology that they can use in their class. We will introduce the technology, teach them how to use it, and then give them studio time to use and explore the technology resources.

Our “techies” will walk away feeling more comfortable and confident with technology. “Techies” will feel ready to use one or two new tech tools in their classroom after attending the workshop.

Don’t Be Afraid of Blended Learning (Presenting with Zoe Bader)

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Audience:  Teachers Grades K-12

We will introduce some blended learning software that is available, then primarily focus on the classroom environment and expectations. For example, what is the teacher’s job and the students’ job during this time? We will have a hand-on activity where teachers participate in a blended learning activity to experiment with implementing blended learning with minimal stress. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what blended learning is, and how to successfully implement it in their classrooms. The idea of doing blended learning can be stressful, and we will build confidence so that our attendees feel at ease moving forward with blending their classrooms.