Fatima Nicdao

Fatima Nicdao specializes in curriculum and educational technology resource with over ten years of high school teaching experience. Fatima is an expert user for Google Apps for Education (G Suite) such as Google Classroom and Google Drive, Apple products and software, and various apps such as Quizlet, Kahoot!, Weebly, and Aurasma (Augmented Reality). In addition, Fatima is a resource on Makerspaces, PLNs, PLCs, Interactive Displays, successful integration of technology in the classroom, teacher development, and new teacher mentoring.  Fatima has vast experience in Catholic educational leadership and helped establish curriculum and technology at St. Pius X – St. Matthias Academy as the Dean of Curriculum and Technology. She completed her Masters in Secondary Education (2009) and Masters in Catholic School Administration (2016) at LMU. She is currently an Ed.D candidate for the LMU Doctoral Program for Educational Leadership for Social Justice.  Fatima is the Assistant Principal at St. Bernard High School and a member of Holy Family Parish in South Pasadena. For more information, please visit www.fatimanicdao.com or follow her on Twitter: @Ms_Nicdao

Effective 21st Century Instruction with Technology in High School

Skill Level:  Basic/Intermediate

Audience:  Teachers Grades 9-12, Instructional Leaders

 Participants will understand the foundations of educational technology (SAMR standards, growth mindset) and the 21st Century Learning Framework of the 4 Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. Afterwards,  participants will see how I have implemented technology successfully in my instruction of AP Psychology and Psychology. This includes functional knowledge of instructional ed tech (Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Classroom), formative assessments (Google Quiz Forms, Quizlet Live, Google Classroom) and PLCs through Twitter, Instagram and Weebly.

Participants will be able to connect and apply a 21st century instructional framework integrating technology in meaningful ways in the classroom and in their professional life. They will also learn how to use technology effectively as a tool with research based instruction for deeper learning outcomes.

Everything Google: Classroom, Slides, Docs, and Forms

Skill Level:  Basic/Intermediate

Audience:  Everyone!

Participants will learn the basics of the Google ecosystem (G Suite) and how to integrate each feature into something they can do immediately in the classroom. They will navigate through Google Classroom and learn all the possibilities of organization and content delivery. Participants will learn how to guide students through collaborative Slides while getting formative assessment through Google Forms. Lastly, participants will learn how to use Google Docs for peer editing, and collaborative study guides.

Participants will learn best practices on how to integrate G Suite effectively into instruction. They will learn how to be Master Google Teachers!