Leticia Baltista


Leticia Batista

Leticia Batista is a bilingual kindergarten teacher in Oxnard, California. She has been an educator for 10 years and has taught grades K-4. She works in a 1:1 district and is currently at McKinna Elementary an Apple Distinguished School. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, she is constantly exploring ways to integrate computer science and technology in the classroom to assist her student’s diverse learning needs and language acquisition. She loves exploring ways Computer Science can teach critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills to meet grade level standards. She has a Masters in Educational Leadership, is a Leading Edge Certified teacher, and an Apple Distinguished Educator. She is a Task Force Member of the 2017 K-5 CSTA Standards Revision Team. She is also currently pursuing her doctorate.

Engaging Primary English Language Learners with iPad
Skill Level: All levels
Audience: School Administrators, Instructional Leaders, Teachers Grades K-12

More than ever, teachers are using iPad and digital learning experiences to revolutionize early childhood education. Discover creativity tools on iPad that let students use language authentically and demonstrate knowledge in compelling new ways. Find out how educators can personalize content for English learners.