Molly (Casanova) Harding

Molly (Casanova) Harding is a first year principal at St. Ferdinand’s Catholic School in San Fernando. Most recently, she was a resident principal at Holy Trinity School through the Onward Leaders Program. Previously she worked at Saint Bernard Catholic School as a vice principal and second grade teacher. In addition, she served as the athletic director, co-religion coordinator, sacramental preparation coordinator, mentor teacher, WASC leadership team member, and summer enrichment camp director. She has also been involved in evaluating and developing updated religion standards for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. She is eager to share and collaborate with others on how to incorporate technology in meaningful and effective ways to help us reach all shareholders.

Engaging Shareholders with the Emphasis on Deepening Our Faith to Catechize & Evangelize

 (Presenting with Megan Poehler)

Skill Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

Audience:  All!

The intention of this workshop would be for attendees to learn about how we can utilize technological resources to communicate, organize, and engage shareholders in deepening their faith knowledge and experience. They will be shown various catechetical resources as well as ideas on how to encourage shareholders to participate more fully in our faith and our church. This workshop would provide opportunities for leaders to learn about ways we can welcome various groups of shareholders to participate in planned activities such as Advent or Lenten family nights, engaging in various types of prayer, sacramental preparation activities, retreat ideas, Catholic trivia events, service opportunities, or special days to honor our saints.  We will share examples of how to plan and organize resources that will engage individuals in deepening their personal faith development in order to help evangelize and promote the faith to all in our church.