Peter Kelley

Peter Kelley joined the Cyber Civics team with a background in both Education as well as Marketing.  He received a degree in Communication from the University of Portland with an emphasis in Media and Society.  Peter has always had a passion for teaching and working with kids. In 2011 he made the switch from the business sector and has been an Educator at Aliso Niguel High School for the past 5 years. He’s also the Head Coach of both the Boys and Girls Tennis Programs. He resides in San Clemente, CA with his wife and young daughter and sees Cyber Civics as “the perfect fit” for his passions and skill sets.

What Educators MUST Know About Keeping Students Safe Online (Presenting with Diana Graber)

Skill Level:  All

Audience:  Everyone!

Instagram, Snapchat, Sexting, Cyberbullying, and more issues that increasingly demand a teacher’s (and administrator’s) time and attention.  This fast-paced presentation will provide an overview of these issues and introduce three tactics which educators may employ to keep their students safe online.