Yeri Garcia

I am a long time educator who is passionate about helping students achieve great things. Every day I strive to inspire my students and hope to help them fall in love with learning. It has become a major goal to transform my classroom into a place where students can be creative, think outside the box, and take risks to solve meaningful problems that are relevant in today’s world. As a proud member of the first cohort of LMU IDEAL’s tech integration program, I strive to share my experiences and extend my passion with other educators. I have recently completed my first year as teacher and tech coordinator at St. Mary’s School in Whittier, California.

Cool Apps for Creativity, Content Creation and Student Choice

Skill Level:  Below Beginner/Beginner

Audience:  All Educators

 The right tech tools can help transform your classroom into a hub of creativity, creation, and fun!  Come explore some of my favorite digital learning tools and walk away with the ability to engage and inspire students through meaningful, relevant, and creative lessons. I love these apps because they can be adapted to any subject and skill level, they give students the opportunity to be creative and allow students to take ownership of their learning through choice. I will also share examples of how I have used these innovative tools in my own classroom.  We will explore apps such as Canvas, Piktochart, Deekit, Pixlr, WeVideo, Co space, and Adobe Spark.

While my background is as a school educator, the tools explored in this workshop will be of value to educators at the parish level.